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SEC Filing Research Made Easy

Mavva provides powerful features that save you time and create value from your SEC filing research.

Powerful Search

Instantly search for keywords and filter by document types (10K, 8K, 10Q, S1, S1AD, 20F, 424B3, DEF14A). Simply type in your keyword(s) and search results populate as you type. Click on a search result and effortlessly navigate through single-word and multi-word keywords within the document. Stay current as our database is updated daily with new filings.

AI-Assisted Notifications

As you search for keywords, your searches are automatically saved in your Dashboard. Mavva automatically cross-references new filings with your keyword searches and will automatically send you email alerts of new filings that are relevant to your past searches. Additionally, you can set alerts of new filings of companies of interest.

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Useful Project Management

Group searches, documents, companies, and notes into categories or projects. Easily customize notifications of new filing alerts within each project.

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Never Miss a Filing

Mavva automatically sends you email alerts of new SEC filings relevant to past searches and companies of interest.